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How you can be a Modern Classic Woman
Even in Today’s Crazy World...

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In today’s society, where a sexy selfie gets more attention on social media than one with a college cap and gown, our collective values seem pretty distorted. Thanks to an increasingly narrow vision of beauty, too many women feel the need to photoshop or alter their own image, rather than seeing their true and natural beauty for what it is. All the pressures of our age are stripping away the elegance and allure of what makes a woman truly beautiful. Let’s face it, it’s hard to be a classic in today’s crazy world!

It’s time to get back to the basics, and to a new understanding of the classic woman. As a modern woman today, you can not only be fiercely ambitious, unapologetically independent, and a bold leader, but also graceful, kind, mysteriously reserved, and effortlessly stylish. Most of all, be authentic, even in the face of enormous pressure to conform to society’s impossible standards.

In The Modern Classic Woman you’ll see why certain feminine qualities always stand the test of time and why being a classic beauty is possible no matter what generation you come from. It challenges you to embrace the beautiful, feminine traits all women hold inside—soft yet edgy, passionate without compromising elegance, free-spirited still living by a strong moral compass and embodying the leather and lace essence of what it truly means to be a modern classic woman. Through a series of examples of remarkable women throughout our history and today, The Modern Classic Woman is the complete guide on how you can be a woman like no other.

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